I’m a software developer by training and occupation, although my career hasn’t exactly been a straight line. I have also been a teacher and entrepreneur.

I’m passionate about a lot of subjects. Although I never felt recognized for skills in writing or reading growing up, I do more of each of these things than probably anything else. Over the years, I’ve increasingly made my work available, but outside of my day jobs, I haven’t historically produced large completed projects. I’ll be charitable and describe my output as varied, rather than unfocused or sporadic :). This page attempts to catalog the writing and other works I’m most proud of.

I’ve got a fantastic family, which includes my wife, Jen, and our daughters, Natalie and Julia.

I currently work for Arena.io as a software engineering manager.


Along with individual posts, this site contains some featured series:


  • I’m getting into using Twitter. I initially felt like it was a bit of a black hole, but it’s becoming useful now that I’ve followed people who share useful content.
  • I’m an avid user of Stack Overflow, which I consider to be one of the greatest things to have ever happened for software developers.
  • I comment frequently on Hacker News.
  • I’ve been a minor contributor to open source projects over the years, which you can find on my GitHub profile.
  • I do occasionally post things to Facebook for public consumption. If you know me personally, feel free to friend me.
  • I sometimes write on Medium, but mostly in response to other people’s writings.
  • You can find me on LinkedIn, although I don’t publish much there.

Projects and Pieces