Death and rebirth

Well, this week, Institute got real real. I don’t have much time to write, because I have 5 lesson plans to work on. Tonight.

The first two days of teaching went fairly smoothly, but today was kind of a train wreck. For a half and hour, I was shell-shocked. I wondered to myself if I could cut it. But in the back of my head Coach Rich from rugby was screaming at me to “get the f’ back out there and do the bloody business”. And the gears started turning again. I rethought my approach, and I’m hoping to turn this thing around tomorrow. I convened my co-teachers, and we’re going to attempt some radical changes to our classroom culture.

As they say, “You’re gonna fail. A lot.”

I knew what I was in for when I signed up, but there’s no way to really know what it feels like to work 20 hour days continuously until you actually have to do it. The toughest among us are feeling the crush.

But I know I’ll make it


The above is what I wrote yesterday, auto-saved by LiveJournal, about an hour before I spilled about 8oz of water on my laptop, during the process trying to fix my broken printer. Perfect.

I honestly don’t think I had any emotional energy left to spend at this point, because after about 2 minutes, my anger passed, and I went immediately upstairs to find a computer to get to work. After all, I still had to be up at 5:15am the next day to teach–you control what you can.

I don’t have time to write anymore tonight, but suffice it to say that despite a few hiccups, today was a much better day, overall. I mean, it really couldn’t have been much worse than yesterday 🙂

I’ll write more this weekend. Right now, I’m just excited that tomorrow is Friday. It’s been a LONG week

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