Powering Through

Well, I’m almost finished with October, thank God. This past week hasn’t been kind, and I’m anticipating this coming week will be bumpy as well. The final week of October also happens to be the final week of the quarter, and kids are looking for the easy way out of receiving the lackluster (or downright failing) grades most of them are receiving. This means I’ll likely be spending a couple hours a day after school administering tests that up until now, no one has seriously attempted to come make up. Awesome.

Last week, two of my classes in particular got way out of hand. Highlights included me being cussed out twice in 3 days by two different students. Also, some of my students have shown a disappointing lack of respect for the class supplies, including those which I purchased with my own money. I’ve made almost 20 parent phone calls this past week in an effort to stem the tide of bad behavior. I’m hoping that between that and some lesson innovations, things will smooth out a bit.

I’m feeling like November is going to be easier to handle. I’ve only got one full week of school for the whole month, and the shortened school day takes effect the first week. They’re only planning to chop off a half hour of the day, but hey, I’ll take whatever I can get.

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