It’s A Celebration

Well, HSA day came and went without much of a hitch, and I think it went reasonably well. The students in my homeroom, which is well known to be the rowdiest, generally took the test seriously, and without incident. This from the class where I once had to kick 9 kids out during an exam for acting like maniacs. I’m looking forward to seeing those scores!

They have definitely come a long way. Next year, I just need to get them there in half the time. But for now, I get to step out of the pressure cooker, breathe a little bit, and just try to finish these last couple weeks strong.

Incidentally, I attended a meeting the become a transition leader for some of the incoming 2009 Baltimore corps members. I guess the circle of life never ends!

One thought on “It’s A Celebration

  1. Teaching is not just a job, its a career. Not a two year stint that makes one realize that, OK this is not what I want to do. But a two year stint that says, yes, these young people need me, and I want to be here–to promote a positive, upbuilding, morally upright model for them as well as to endeavor to reach out in any way that I can to stimulate them. To work through layers of unpreparedness cause by a variey of influences on them via their home environment, peers, etc. and get to where they get the idea that they can accomplish much with diligence, motivation, and effort.
    I commend you for your desire to teach, to reach out. I’m always concerned not with just students mastering concepts, but their overall well being beyond the school years–that they become productive, respectful (and respected) people who in turn have a positive influence on others.


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