Home Stretch

Well, I’m back.  We started the new semester today, at long last.  It’s going to be a long several months, but the end is in sight, I suppose.

I think my anxiety built up all the way until the very end of last semester, and then today, for whatever reason, I finally felt some relief.  Like a break in the storm or something.  I hope it lasts.

Class actually went well today.  I can tell that a lot of kids are trying to get their crap together, and I really emphasized positive change in my opening speech to each class.   If I can get more consistent, sustained work out of these kids, from beginning to end, I think this semester might actually turn out better than the last one.


In other news, everyone is on the edge of their seats in Baltimore to find out what 5 schools are on the chopping block.  My almost assuredly isn’t, but I have a lot of friends who work at truly dysfunctional places.

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