Business As Usual

A week has passed since we have learned that our principal is leaving, and its almost as though after the long weekend, pretty much all the panic has subsided.  We still don’t know the whole story of why he’s leaving, where he’s going, or who is coming to replace him, but the hubris over fighting the change seems to have blown over.  Amazingly enough, the news seems to have never hit the mainstream population of students, because I have never heard a child even mention it, let alone engage me in a conversation that would put me in the awkward position of having to provide ambiguous answers.  I just hope it is addressed at some point, with only 5 real class days left of school, including finals.  It sure would be shame for the students to come back the first day of school next year, to be surprised that their principal has been replaced with some stranger.  I must say, I feel bad about the turnover these kids experience as far as the adults in their lives.  But who am I to talk, I’m jetting, myself.  Plus, as much as I care about the kids in an abstract way, the frustration of actually trying to teach them on a daily basis is something I simply cannot bear another year.

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