Tense Moments

The first long stretch of school ended on a crazy note. The main event of the day was the rematch of the legendary pre-Thanksgiving student-faculty basketball game. Much like the last time, it was a pretty epic game. In the end, I don’t even know or care who won, because one of my students ended up leaving school in an ambulance.

We were in the last couple minutes of the game, and the score was close. I was taking the ball to the rim, looking to draw a foul. One of my students stood in the lane to try and take a charge, and two others homed in from the side and behind to try to block my layup. I side-stepped to avoid running directly into the kid in the lane, and went up for the shot. I don’t really know what happened, but next thing I know I was picking myself up after slamming into the floor.

I got up, and not hearing a whistle, I ran back to defend, assuming that there was no foul called. But then I realized that the student who was in the lane was on the ground, and must have been for a while. Then when I looked more closely, I saw that he was out cold and convulsing.

Reportedly, what had happened was that after I went up, the player who jumped from behind me to block my shot knocked the kid in the lane over, and when I came down, my foot or leg hit him right in the head, slamming his head into the ground.

The teachers and the principal stopped the building panic in the stands and got everyone in their seats and quiet. The kid didn’t seize for very long, and he regained consciousness, but he still could not get up. I sat on the gym floor and watched and waited for tense minutes while we waited for the paramedics to come. It was a crappy situation–a freak sports accident, but a highly awkward situation, nonetheless. There was nothing I could do but pray that he was okay, because I had to leave before the paramedics arrived so that I could be on time to catch my plane back home for break. Fortunately, I heard the next day from the principal that everything is okay, which is a big relief. But still, what an awful good way to end what had been a very fun and hard-fought contest.

On lighter note, I’ve made it to winter break! This is the longest period of time off I’ve had since Induction, in mid-June. I’m going to try hard to savor it! When I’m done relaxing, I might write something a bit more retrospective.

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