Limping On In

I’ve not done a good job of keeping up on my journal lately, although, there is plenty to write. I am so worn out after pushing these past couple months to get my students ready for the HSA, and it’s right around the corner, on May 20. My inability to keep my journal up to date is in keeping with my inability to keep my room clean, my clothes folded, and my classroom papers organized. I’m just so spent right now, physically and mentally.

There’s plenty I’d love to write about what’s going on in my classroom, some major personal decisions about teaching that I’ve made, and generally how everything is coming together for the test, but it’ll have to wait for another day I guess.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that this job is far, far too big for one person. It definitely takes a village to teach math. Or to do it well, at least. I think it can be done by one person eventually maybe, but only building on the work of a whole bunch of other people. One person can’t build it from the ground up though, which has pretty much been my situation for most of the year. But when things have gotten crazy, a lot of people have gotten their hands dirty to help me out.

Thanks is definitely due to:

  • the rest of the 9th grade team, who have each stepped in and sacrificed for my class in huge ways,
  • my ever-supportive girlfriend, who is, herself, an excellent teacher and provides great advice,
  • my Algebra-teaching comrade and Institute roomie, who has been the recipient of many freaked out, late night phone calls from me,
  • my fearless Content Learning Team leader, who provided me incredible instructional materials far more useful than what my district provides, and
  • the cadre of tutors who make effective instruction sooo much easier, and frankly, less lonely.

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